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ABOUT talentoz

TalentOz goes beyond traditional HR tasks with applications that balance people, processes, and technology to improve workforce efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Built from the ground up on open standards, TalentOz is developed for the Cloud on your device of choice, to provide a simple user interface to deliver relevant and secure information to manage your organization. Processes that are compliant with best practices, interactive organizational charts, collaborative tools, intuitive analytics, and productive role-defined processes are natively delivered out of the box to enable rapid deployment of critical HR functionality.

With over 16 integrated modules covering everything from “hire to retire”, TalentOz is one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use HRMS software on the cloud. TalentOz can assist companies from a 10-member start-up to an enterprise-level organisation, from very simple to the most complex HR Business Processes and Rules.

TalentOz’s simple, modern, productive, and intelligent employee self-service that is personalized to each employee’s role, experience, language, and operational requirements. The ability for users to continuously adapt how they interact with TalentOz based on their specific and changing needs not only improves worker adoption of the system by providing a rich, engaging user experience, but also drives user productivity with better and faster decisions

Aws partner network (apn)

AWS has unmatched experience, maturity, reliability, security, and performance that you can depend upon for your most important applications. For over 16 years, AWS has been delivering cloud services to millions of customers around the world running a wide variety of use cases. AWS has the most operational experience, at greater scale, of any cloud provider. The AWS Region and Availability Zone model has been recognized by Gartner as the recommended approach for running enterprise applications that require high availability.

In AWS, PayAsia has a reliable and scalable cloud environment for hosting its apps, allowing the company to scale on demand as the business keeps growing. As our client and user base continues to expand, we are extremely confident in our ability to support and manage that growth.

how it works?

We use AWS to rapidly provision and tailor our infrastructure to evolving client and organizational demands. This has allowed us to rapidly provision bespoke environments, test and experiment, automate our infrastructure provisioning, and provide A level security, reliability, and scale that would be impractical to implement for such a small team across our breadth of services.